Adore Softswitch & Calling Card

Improved and Comprehensive VoIP Switch

Keeping ahead of technology, Adore Infotech presents yet another innovative product to help businesses grow more profitably. Adore’s SoftSwitch is a comprehensive SIP based software that effectively bridges Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to Internet Networks, thereby, enabling better supervision of traffic and control overthe connections. This software is fully compatible with latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and internet enabled devices available in the market. 

Adore Infotech understands the dynamic nature of VoIP business. To provide a complete and  advance  solution that works  as  a media gateway  as well  as  processes  all  types  of  packet  protocol signals without any data loss, we developed Adore SoftSwitch. With this software enterprises and small businesses  alike  can  manage  VoIP  networks  like  never  before.  Not  only  does  it allows you to offer uninterrupted services to the consumer with an amazingly low primary outlay but also lowers downs the operating cost tremendously. To make it more comprehensive and a one‐stop‐solution to all your needs, we have integrated it with VoIP Billing and Calling Card facility. Yes! Adore SoftSwitch is surely the most complete and advance solution of modern times

Included System of Softswitch : 

  • SoftSwitch : Retail VoIP Switch 
  • VoIP Billing : Billing, Database & Web Interface 
  • Calling Card System 



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