Adore IPPhone 2 Phone System

One stop IP Phone to Phone and IP device to Phone solution

With the invention on IP phone, now people don't have to stick to their computer device to place a VoIP call. They can now use the benefit of VoIP calls without owning a desktop or laptop. Just by using the IP phone and an internet connection, one can make VoIP calls easily and smoothly. IP Phone has essential VoIP Calling Hardware installed in it which initiates the call.

Adore Infotech provide all the supporting VoIP software in one package which is essential to provide the IP phone to phone calling service. After having successful journey in providing PC2Phone and Phone2Phone solutions, now we come up with the one stop IP phone to phone and IP device to phone solution.

With the ease of use and affordable investment cost, the popularity of IP phone increased in recent times and that's why Adore Infotech come up with the package which includes Softswitch and VoIP Billing solution for VoIP service providers. By using IP Phone and Adore IP Phone to Phone solution, one can easily start the call shop to provide the voip service at very affordable investment cost. We always bring the best in VoIP technology at very reasonable cost and we got the global acclaim for this with the towering list of esteemed clients.

Included System of IPPhone 2 Phone System: 

  • SoftSwitch   
  • VoIP Billing   
  • Two day Remote Training Program 
  • One month Remote support package