Softswitch & VoIP Billing Retail Module User Guide

Adore SoftSwitch:Retail VoIP Switch

Keeping ahead of technology, Adore Infotech presents yet another innovative product to help businesses grow more profitably. Adore’s SoftSwitch is a comprehensive SIP based software that effectively bridges Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to Internet Networks, thereby, enabling better supervision of traffic and control over the connections. This software is fully compatible with latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and internet enabled devices available in the market.

Adore Infotech understands the dynamic nature of Retail business. To provide a complete and advance solution that works as a media gateway as well as processes all types of packet protocol signals without any data loss, we developed Adore SoftSwitch. With this software enterprises and small businesses alike can manage VoIP networks like never before. Not only does it allows you to offer uninterrupted services to the consumer with an amazingly low primary outlay but also lowers downs the operating cost tremendously. To make it more comprehensive and a one-stop-solution to all your needs, we have integrated it with VoIP Billing and Calling Card facility. Yes! Adore SoftSwitch is surely the most complete and advance solution of modern times.

This System Includes:

  • SoftSwitch : Retail VoIP Switch
  • VoIP Billing : Billing, Database & Web Interface
  • Calling Card System
  • Two day Remote Training Program
  • One month Remote support package

System Requirements

Adore Infotech recommends following Hardware and operating system specification

Hardware Requirements:
Intel Core i5 Processor /8 Gb RAM/1 TB HDD

Software Requirements:

  • Linux CENTOS 6.x (complete installation)
  • Yum Server

Internet connection:
For best results and productivity, it is best advised to use 1Gbit Ethernet card with a fast broadband internet connection.
Pre-installation Considerations:
To make it more effective and convenient, here are few tips that you must consider prior to install:

  • Linux server should be on public IP
  • SSL Certificate should be install on the Linux server

Carrier which supports SIP calls, g711, g723 and g729 codec.

The installation of "Adore SoftSwitch” is carried out by SSH connection on Linux server over a remote access of the server. The timeframe of installation can vary in accordance with the nature and amount of customization demanded by the client. In addition, the resources available at the client’s site would also matter for the same. Our Adore IT team of professionals carries out each installation with absolute finesses whilst keeping in mind utmost customer satisfaction.

Adore Softswitch have 3 Modules:







Function & Features

New Features

  • SMS Feautres with SMS Billing
  • PIN to PIN Balance Transfer
  • Mobile Topup
  • Callshop System

LCR & Gateway Management 

Account and User Management

Billing Reports & Invoice management

IVR management

  • IVR prompts( balance,destination, credit time)
  • Customize IVR in multilanguage 

Calling Features

  • VoIP Wholesale
  • Calling Card
  • PC-Phone
  • Device-Phone
  • Phone-Phone
  • Mobile VoIP

Redundant Architecture

  • Server Failover
  • Database Replication

Additional Features

  • Multi currency support for Balance 
  • Signup
  • Email Notification
  • User Validation support for admin
  • Export data into PDF or Excel 


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