Wholesale Softswitch & VoIP Billing User Guide

A Perfect All-in-One Solution for Wholesale VoIP Carriers

Adore Softswitch : Wholesale VoIP Switch

Alongside contributing great funding to set up a VoIP framework, you additionally need to employ appropriate ability who can deal with the framework. You likewise need to keep your equipment and programming redesigned and up-to-dated with time. In this way, it is especially simple to get the administration of wholesale VoIP from an outsider who is putting forth superb wholesale VoIP services. This will dispose of the need of speculation of capital and time with the goal that you can concentrate more on your center business instead of taking the cerebral pain of keeping up VoIP Phone System. In this facilitated framework, everything from rectifying specialized glitches to overhauling of equipment and programming is finished by the supplier. You can begin abusing the advantages of VoIP services instantly after you make the arrangement with the supplier.

Different associations have started growing their operations and numerous new business houses are attempting to advance in the to some degree new field of wholesale VoIP. Since the time when the voice over IP framework showed up in the spotlight, the telecom business has changed a ton. With the benefits that it gives as cost lessening, wholesalers have jumped into this field for better pick up and to offer solid administration. These businesses significantly improved their business sector standing and bring them great advantages with slightest danger included Wholesale VoIP provider business is extending with time at fast.

This System Includes:

  • SoftSwitch
  • VoIP Billing : Billing, Database & Web Interface
  • Two day Remote Training Program
  • One month Remote support package

System Requirements

Adore Infotech recommends following Hardware and operating system specification

Hardware Requirements:
Intel Core i5 Processor /8 Gb RAM/1 TB HDD

Software Requirements:

  • Linux CENTOS 6.x (complete installation)
  • Yum Server

Internet connection: 

For best results and productivity, it is best advised to use 1Gbit Ethernet card with a fast broadband internet connection.
Pre-installation Considerations:
To make it more effective and convenient, here are few tips that you must consider prior to install:

  • Linux server should be on public IP

  • SSL Certificate should be install on the Linux server

Carrier which supports SIP calls, g711, g723 and g729 codec.

The installation of "Adore Wholesale SoftSwitch” is carried out by SSH connection on Linux server over a remote access of the server. The timeframe of installation can vary in accordance with the nature and amount of customization demanded by the client. In addition, the resources available at the client’s site would also matter for the same. Our Adore IT team of professionals carries out each installation with absolute finesses whilst keeping in mind utmost customer satisfaction.

Adore Wholesale Softswitch Have Following Modules:





Features of Adore Wholesale VoIP Billing:

Account and user management: 

  • Multiple Calls on one account 
  • Customer Management
  • Prepaid/Postpaid recharge 
  • Agent Account 
  • Batch management 
  • Signup(customer)
  • Account detail(Agent, Customer)
  • Recharge/Payment Online
  • SIP Device Add/Delete
  • Limit the maximum number of Calls per customer
  • Block Prefix
  • CDRS
  • Invoice
  • Charges
  • IP Termination (Wholesale)
  • Real-time billing
  • Multiple level reseller
  • Multiple provider creation & login

Billing Reports and Invoice management: 

  • CDR (Admin, Sub-Admin, Reseller, Sub-reseller, Customer, Provider ) 
  • Calls Report 
  • Live Calls Report 
  • Summary Report 
  • Trunk Stats
  • Search Criteria for reporting
  • Export report to PDF & Excel
  • Invoice generation
  • Payment Report
  • Commission Report
  • ASR & ACD

Rate Management: 

  • Billing Increment 
  • Termination Rates 
  • Origination Rates 
  • Rate Group 
  • Connect Charge
  • Expiry of rates
  • Import Rate sheet 

Web Interfaces: 

  • Multi Language Support
  • Real Time Customized Billing Interface (Color & Theme of Form, Table, Menu & Buttons)

LCR & Gateway Management: 

  • Multiple Provider supported 
  • Multiple gateway supported 
  • Add multiple SIP Providers 
  • Provide redundancy based on cost 
  • Strong LCR engine
  • Call Limitation per trunk
  • Many trunks per provider
  • Costs for provider routes based on area code
  • Limitation channels by each provider  

Additional Features: 

  • Multi currency support for Balance 
  • Signup 
  • Email Notification 
  • User Validation support for admin 
  • Export data into PDF or Excel 


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